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Teenage treatment

Orthodontic treatment is most common among adolescents and usually begins once the final baby tooth has been shed. This typically occurs when children are in late primary school or early high school.

Starting orthodontic treatment in the early teenage years is the ideal time as facial and jaw bones are still growing and teeth are still in development. Nipping orthodontic problems in the bud during teenage years could also prevent more serious work having to be done later in life, therefore incurring more of your time and money.

  • Orthodontic treatment for teens
  • Orthodontic treatment for teens
  • Orthodontic treatment for teens

Every patient is completely different so treatments will vary depending on the severity of the problem. At EDGE we offer a range of treatments suitable for teenagers from the traditional metal braces to Invisalign's invisible aligners.

Our flexible appointment times mean we can fit your treatment in around school, college and busy social lives allowing you to continue on with life as normal.

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