Cost and financing

At EDGE Orthodontics we want to empower your smile and offer flexible payment plans that make the cost of braces or aligners affordable for you. We offer interest-free financing, flexible payments, paid-in-full discounts, and pay later options.

Tailored for you

You will be provided with an all-inclusive quote and customised treatment plan during your initial consultation. Your individual cost may vary, as it depends on the severity of your case and the treatments we recommend. However, we do have a brief guide to help you understand the price of our treatments.

Estimated costs of braces and aligners

Orthodontic Treatment Cost of Treatment
Invisalign* From $66 a week
Braces* From $62 a week
Early Intervention treatment From $1500 to $3200

Smile now, pay later

As treatment solutions are tailored for each patient, your investment will be influenced by the complexity of your treatment. EDGE Orthodontics has a range of finance options to help you achieve your new smile sooner.


Interest-free monthly payment plans


3% upfront payment reduction


5% sibling discount on full treatment

Everything is included

Our costs are designed to include everything we need to help you achieve the results you want - and keep them for years to come. All treatment costs include:

  • Initial starting appointments
  • All appliances
  • Regular monitoring of tooth movement
  • Removal of appliances
  • Monitoring your final result, one year post-treatment
  • Special offers and promotions

Health insurance

Orthodontic treatment may be covered by your health insurance provider. If this is the case, we can provide you with the information and paperwork to help with hassle-free claims.

Smile now, pay later

Ask us about our payment options during your initial consultation. We’ll create a customised treatment plan and work with you to make it as affordable as possible.

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